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UN Libya mission hails women judges' appointment

13 ottobre 2020 | 14.53
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Photo for The Washington Post by Lorenzo Tugnoli

The appointment of five women judges to sit in two new special courts that will hear cases of violence against women and children will "significantly" improve these vulnerable groups' rights, the United Nations mission to Libya stated on Tuesday.

"The establishment of these two courts (in Benghazi and Tripoli) coupled with the appointment of five women judges, represents a significant step towards advancing the rights of women and children in Libya," said a UNSMIL statement.

"With dedicated courts, the criminal justice response to cases of violence against women and children will vastly improve," said the statement.

UNSMIL, the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the UN's gender equality body UNWOMEN are joining forces to run a specialised programme of training for all judges appointed to the two new courts, the statement noted.

UNSMIL looks forward "to working closely" with the Libyan Supreme Judicial Council to implement the training programme, the statement concluded.

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