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Unveil Readers' Inner Psyche with Book Depository's #RevealYourShelf Campaign

29 settembre 2020 | 10.13
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What Does a Bookshelf Say About the Owner?

LONDON, Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The books people read for leisure can reveal their personality. Starting today until 11 October, Book Depository challenges everyone to #RevealYourShelf by joining the global campaign on social media.

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What Does a Bookshelf Say About the Owner?

Instead of seeking to understand someone's personality via their zodiac sign? Instead, just look at their bookshelf. Acclaimed UK psychologist Emma Kenny is teaming up with Book Depository to reveal what people's taste in books says about their personality and inner psyche.

For someone who likes a complex mystery, Emma says they're likely to have high levels of self-esteem and enjoy being challenged. Fiction readers are friendly, well-behaved and sympathetic to others. For someone who likes drama and romance, they're the kind of person who always knows what to say in a crisis. For someone who likes more experimental genres, chances are they stick to rules and that are good negotiators. For someone who enjoys reading comedy, people tends to find them warm, inviting and relatable.

Book lovers are invited to connect with the Book Depository community of readers and see what their bookshelf reveals, by sharing a "shelfie" on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Tag #RevealYourShelf and @BookDepository for the chance to get the book collection reposted and analysed by Emma Kenny; and to win the next five books to expand the collection.

Sneak Peek Into the World's Most Famous Public Figures' Bookshelves

Which world leader cites "Mortal Fire" by Elizabeth Knox as one of her favourite books? Which entrepreneur recommended "Cloud Atlas" by David Mitchell? Stay tuned to Book Depository's social media channels to guess who the illustrated bookshelf belongs to, for the chance to win the next book free.

Join Book Depository on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with #RevealYourShelf, until 11 October.

For details please visit www.bookdepository.comFacebook: BookDepositoryInstagram: @bookdepositoryTwitter: @bookdepository

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