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Lunedì 27 Marzo 2023
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Drought fuelling migration - Mattarella

14 marzo 2023 | 16.15
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A migrant compound in Agadez, NigerPhoto: Washington Post/Sudarsan Raghavan

Drought is causing food scarcity in many areas of the world that is driving migration and making climate change "a crucial issue", Italy's president Sergio Mattarella said on Tuesday in Nairobi.

"Drought is creating a food crisis in many regions of the world which is stoking migration," Mattarella told a joint media conference after talks with his Kenyan counterpart William Ruto.

"There are areas where food survival is no longer possible due to drought and this, understandably, increases migrant flows. So climate change is a crucial issue," Mattarella stated.

Drought and global warming is a problem affecting countries around the world including Italy, Mattarella underlined.

Italy's governments, including the current rightwing one, are committed to fighting climate change, Mattarella said.

"Italy has been aware for some time of the need for serious, concrete and effective action against atmospheric pollution and it pains us that some countries don't realise time is running out," he said.

"We need to tackle the problem now, with great determination. Italy and Kenya agree totally on this," Mattarella stated.

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