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Giovedì 29 Luglio 2021
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Libya: Italy eyes return to pre-conflict trade levels

09 giugno 2021 | 00.50
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Italy is striving to restore the value of its trade with war-torn Libya to pre-conflict levels, foreign minister Luigi Di Maio told a business forum on Tuesday.

"We are working in all directions to get bilateral trade moving again," Di Maio said at an event in Milan organised by financial daily Il Sole 24 Ore.

Italy would not be able to do so had it not been working to support the peace process in Libya for the past two years, Di Maio said.

"We now have a government that wants to see more Italian involvement and they will get this," he said.

The value of Italy-Libya trade is currently two billion euros compared with 15 billion euros before the conflict erupted in 2011, Di Maio underlined.

"But we can bridge that gap," Di Maio said.

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