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Giovedì 23 Marzo 2023
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Meloni, Tajani, Piantedosi 'in Libya visit'

27 gennaio 2023 | 19.52
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Italy's premier Giorgia Meloni, foreign minister Antonio Tajani interior minister Matteo Piantedosi are set to visit Libya on Saturday as part of ongoing regional efforts to stabilise the war-torn country, Adnkronos has learned.

The visit will include various meetings with Libyan leaders and Meloni is expected to attend the signing of an eight billion dollar accord between Italian major Eni and the Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC).

Stabilising the former Italian colony is seen as key to stemming the influx of boat migrants who cross the Mediterranean from its coast.

Libya is also crucial to boosting Italy and Europe's gas supplies and ending their dependence on Russian energy in the wake of the Ukraine conflict.

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